// ‘Inspiring’ //

A visit to see our GP was great this morning. He is also a star in my life. He always helps me to think about this in a positive way.

George had to meet her boss today to sort out her future work. No more night shifts but now a change to tea and breakfast shifts. I’m sure she had a great chat with her.

Whilst this was happening I went for a walk on my own around Waddington. It was really good but a bit chilly. I took some pictures and also a selfie which I posted on Twitter when I was there. It was great to have a network there so I also posted the picture to my new Instagram feed.

This walk was inspiring and I’m going to fight this and let everybody know about it. I know I keep saying this but this is how it’s going to go. 

The evenings are always great, night games with George and Emily. A cup of tea, snacks, Ludo and Top Trumps.

I also had to take Annie to see her boyfriend and driving there to pick her up I came up with my new slogan. I had to edit it a bit to keep the language clean so here it is… 

‘MND Jog on, you’re not going to break me, I’ll go when I’m flipping ready.’

Not quite as effective without the language but a bit more palatable.



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