// ‘The Beginning’ //

It’s only the beginning but that doesn’t stop you thinking about the end. I’ve never been scared of dying and I think I took for granted that I would be able to spend many years with George. To a degree this meant we just plodded along with life. You do this when you have to work and bring up a family. (There isn’t anything wrong with that)

I have already noticed a change in Annie, I hope it will change the way she lives her life. I think she’s beginning to understand that life is to short so you have to grab hold of it.

I want the world to know about my illness and how it affects people, not for selfish reasons but because more things need to be done to find out why it happens and what can be done to at the least slow it down.

I also want to make sure that the time I have left, however ill I am are the best of times. For my sake and my family’s.

This is the beginning of a great journey, not the end. World! I’m coming! Watch Out!!



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